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Plasmius: Well, if it isn't Jack Fenton.
Jack: But it is me.
Plasmius: No, it's an expression.
Jack: Your ghost tricks won't work on me.

I wish we had seen some Nerdy!Vlad

And not just Past!Vlad, but like…

Imagine when everyone is getting together for the reunion that Maddie and Jack are doing their thing, acting a little kooky and going on and on about ghosts. Someone off handedly is like “Pfft, can you believe those two? Going on about ghosts?”

And Vlad finishes his chuckle he had started (during someone else’s unrelated joke) when he suddenly turns to face them and he’s very serious:

“Oh ho ho, mm– ghosts are most certainly real, Jerame.

“Aw, haha, you’re pulling my leg–”

“There are complexities within the scientific study of the paranormal, true, but just because you don’t understand it doesn’t make it any less concrete.”

“Sorry, Vlad. Didn’t mean to–”

“There’s at least 20 Ley Line intersections on this property! It practically hums with electro-magnetic energy! Residue of ectoplasm can be found in the very particles we breathe…”

“You tell ‘em Vladdie!” Jack says, quickly making his way over to put an arm around his shoulder, “Why, just right here I’m picking up all kinds of readings!”

Danny, who is by the punch bowl right behind them, suuuper subtly spits out his drink and briskly walks towards the nearest door.

“Hey V-man, I think your place is haunted!”

Vlad shoves the device Jack is waving at him away from his face.

“Well of course it is, Jack. That’s why I bought it…”



thanks @ladyaudentium and @phantomspirit14 for the idea help!

Vlad: What did I ever do to you?
Danny: You tried to kill us and take over this entire planet.
Vlad: Apart from that.
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It appears Phantom Planet was indeed canon.

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